A: Is this haunt just black walls and people jumping out screaming boo?
R: No this is a professional haunted attraction

A: What are your hours?
R: we open at 7:30 but we close at different times during the season, please check our calendar for times and dates.

A: Do I need to buy tickets in advance?
R: No, you can buy tickets online in advance but tickets are also sold at the door.

A: Do you take credit cards?
R: Online tickets can be paid with a credit card but tickets at the door are cash only.

A: Will I be touched while in the attraction?
R: Although the chamber of horrors is an in your face haunt, no one will touch you.

A: Can I bring my young child through the attraction?
R: We leave that up to the parents discretion. Any child under 13 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

A: Are there any strobe lights or fog used in the attraction?
R: Yes, we recommend anyone with a health condition that may be aggravated by fog or strobes not enter the attraction.

A: Can I go through if I’m pregnant or have a heart condition?
R: Absolutely not.

A: Is it safe?
R: Yes, we have sheriff’s deputies on duty at all times.

A: Can I smoke inside?
R: No.

A: Can we take pictures or video inside?
R: No.

A: Is it scary?
R: Yes.

A: Is there a different price for children?
R: No, they get the same experience as anyone else.

A: If I get to scared can exit early?
R: Yes, tell the nearest actor and they will escort you to the nearest exit, However there are no refunds.